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Who We Are  

With 200 million children in schools and 600 million of population below 25 years of age; the need for good education (learning) and personal skills is paramount in India today. Parents and communities have understood the value of it and are willing to pay for quality education which resulted in huge shift in enrollment from government schools to private schools, in recent times. Such positive outlook supported by favourable demographic divide has attracted many private players and each of them aspires to deliver the best result but how ?

Private institutes incur a huge cost to start and function but have no research mechanism which supports and enhances its learning. Thus, such institutes fail in their endeavour to create self-trust, resourcefulness, resiliency and self-directed growth in learners. On the other hand, evidence based research and collaborative strategic supports rightly serve the developmental and learning needs of students and help the management to attain its objective. We are a team of such experts providing insights to institutions of learning benefiting everyone.

N K Vijayan Karrippal, Ph.D.
Educational Psychologist, International Teachers’ Trainer

Dr. Vijayan, a noted educationist is our Chief mentor. He has won many national and international accolades in his triumphant career spanning across 30 years. He specializes in devising and designing the curriculum, academic administration and management, teachers’ training and providing growth through value addition. He is the beacon maneuvering, guiding, and ensuring the very purpose and success of our endeavour.

Barkha Gupta, PhD, PG-PPHC, ExICMR-SRF
Sr. Nutritional Scientist

Dr. Barkha is a nutritional scientist and has worked with all top health sector MNCs operating in India. She is one of the highly regarded nutritional leaders in our country and has authored many research papers published in Indian and International journals. She has conceptualised various strategies to empower the youth and family with right nutritional insights.

Deepak Sharma, Ph.D
Consultant School Health Program

Dr. Deepak has build our school health program encompassing Adolescence Education Program, Community Outreach Program and Training program for the teachers & school counsellor. Through it we cater for youth physical, affective and behavioural issues preventing them to develop any heath risk. As adolescent today is exposed to so much of irrelevant and manipulated information. We reach them instilling right insights before they are affected by the ill-fed information.

Virendra Kumar Sahu, MA (Psychology), MBA, UGC- NET&JRF (Psychology)
Social Psychologist, Life Skills Master Trainer

Mr. Virendra is a social psychologist, life skills master trainer, motivational speaker and architect of our psycho-educational programs. He reflects a multifaceted personality and a founding member of the company. An expert in foreseeing and formulating demands of education and skills spectrum in India, he has been mentoring the youth for 10 years. He is the proponent of progressive learning and helps institutions to create profitable impressions.

Krishna Sharma, MSW, MA (Psychology), UGC-NET (Social work & Psychology)
Consultant Institutional insights, Contextual learning

Mr. Krishna is a social thinker and an educator. His knowledge of contextual learning and community role provides framework for inclusive and sustainable learning. His lucid and reformative approach affirms very effective way to establish upright knowledge, attitude, skills and personal behaviour in both the learner and the institution. He has customised the learning of sociology and psychology empowering Indian context.

Pooja Prakash, M.Ed. Spl. Ed. (MR), MA (Psychology), UGC-NET (Psychology)
Consultant Special Education Programs, Constructivism & Conceptual learning

Mrs. Pooja is a thorough professional of child development & learning spectrum. She instills a developmental core inside the learner preventing/defeating any thematic concern so as learners fulfill their potential. Through her subjective insights and smooth expression she trains the participants to find and build lives that have meaning and purpose. She manifests self-trust, self-learning and a high sense of resourcefulness and resiliency among the participants.

Rakesh Goswami, B.E., M.Tech, MBA
Consultant Engineering Education & Training

Having an experience of 12 yrs into engineering, Mr. Rakesh has mentored thousands of students not only to learn the science of engineering with insights but also to do best out of learned knowledge. A person with wide exposure, he is the trainer of the trainers and guide for educators; benefitting many engineering colleges across the nation. He has intensively worked to establish good conceptual changes among his students and develop love for lifelong learning.

Shailesh Parihar, MBBS, MD
Consultant Medical Education & Training

Dr. Shailesh is spearheading our approach, strategy and solutions for medical colleges in terms of learning and sustainable benefits. He is a sharp intellectual who knows how medical spectrum operates in India. A versatile challenger, he worked with MAMC [Maulana Abdul Meical College - Psychiatry department] to sharpen his skills to understand what motivates human and how everything significant can be derived out of good health.