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What we do  

Although Indian education sector is thriving out of huge convertible population and parents’ willingness to pay yet only the competent and quality driven institutes are able to make most of this opportunity. Many established institutes today are struggling to maintain their supremacy and standards whilst others relatively new entrants are creating profitable impressions. The best way to achieve maximum profit out of one’s investment is to conceive it right, seek out innovations and value addition and have flexibility to adopt and execute progressive changes aligned with right academic insights and global relevance and that is what we deliver to our clients.

Research and Development

Learning involves physical, mental and emotional components to endure it right. The understanding and implication of education is ever evolving and each day something valuable is being added to it. Research around the globe is continuing exploring the mysteries of human brain and its learning function combined with the new methodology and academic practices. Conceptual and contextual learning has never been so much needed. At 3L Concept, relevant new approach and science is researched and validated for Indian context and provided to the institutions to facilitate it with strategies to meet the set objectives. And to facilitate this we have our own in-house R&D faculty and infrastructure.

Academic Spectrum Analysis

The focus has shifted from providing ‘right answers’ to instill the ability in learners to ask ‘right questions’. Today, parents are asking the best value for the money and a fill in for their absence from the school/colleges due to their societal and financial limitations. All together, such demands are creating a fierce competition among the institutions of learning and those institutes which are not able to innovate and imply are losing their business. As a result, many established school/colleges are losing their brand value to relatively new entrants having better innovation and execution. We provide the progressive framework to the institutions of learning fulfilling the potential it holds in terms of learning, parental satisfaction and value addition.

Strategic Operational Support

Enrollment, retention, new enrollment, contextual rapport, parental satisfaction and competitors are only few of the challenges needed to be winning over to have a smooth and sustainable operation. Often the management is not equipped or deeply engaged in regular activities and these issues go skip. Through our strategic solutions derived out of years of experience, we make sure that our clients are provided with an effective operational support.

Management Solutions

The cost economics plays a very important role deciding the fate of an organisation at inception and during operation. Each school/college wants to have the best infrastructure, facilities and faculty at affordable cost. In recent times, we have witnessed incidents wherein the management, faculty (teaching and non-teaching staff) and students have indulged in activities causing huge loss of image/brand value to the institution with severe consequences. A trusted and competent explicit monitoring and evaluation system is delivered through us so as the management and entire faculty are aligned towards the progressive growth of an organisation.

New Revenue Model

The best thing around for the private players dealing with education in India is the willingness of parents to send their wards to good schools and provide good education; attached with high expectation in return. The government is trailing behind its enrollment target and is failed to provide vital quality of the education and skills required. Various national surveys have indicated that many government and private institutes are reporting low learning level among students. It has created a huge window of opportunity but competence and scalability are the two prerequisites.

Learning & Knowledge Transfer

Definitely this is the time of quality and quality comes with a price. Almost all academic institutions today are struggling to find, hire and retain good faculty. The recent change in the government policies and law has conferred essential eligibility criteria ranging from primary to graduate level teachers. Through a team of experts we build requisite level of knowledge and learning in faculty with successive transfer.

Growth Through Value Addition

A value addition is only possible when all corners are synched towards a well thought and crafted vision. A single value addition can change everything and a mediocre mindset ruins all. Institutes reckoning with such series of value additions become brands followed by unprecedented growth. We have a team which empowers an academic institute by improvising all aspects involved in its operation. Yes, indeed it’s a continuous process.

Leadership Through Innovation

Gillette innovated twin blade razor in 1976 and even after 40 years remains a leader in this category of products. Such is the utility of innovation, a good rate of return on one’s investment. Indian education spectrum is expected to grow at 19% CAGR; it serves to invest in research and obtain leadership position to claim years of profitability. In education, the leadership is always aligned with higher degree of self - learning demonstrated and reported by the beneficiary years after. Such leadership quotient has few fundamental ingredients that we have understood and provisioning to our clients.

Brand Creation & Positioning

A brand builds over a unique proposition and association with its patrons. In education, the unique proposition is void if not delivered rightly. The curriculum design and instruction methodology are key domain that makes difference. Such delivery is achieved through a conscious effort and we do this for our clients.

CSR Insights

Social inclusion is not just involving everyone but for an institution it means to reach out to everyone and be visible. The purpose of education is far stretched and CSR helps institutions reach out to all needed units. Community outreach programs being the most preferred medium has many return gifts for the participants. The scale, scope and reward of such activity always go hand in hand with the goal of an institution.